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Groups and Teams

"We had a virtual team of very senior professionals - all with different reporting lines, styles and large egos. Despite the consequent challenges for me as leader of the team, with clear facilitation and invaluable support from absolute we have achieved our year-end targets within the first 6 months. We now have an energy about the work of the team, which is no longer seen as an "initiative", but a real business success that will continue to build and grow."    Partner and Business Leader, Global Professional Services Firm

Our clients ask us to facilitate teams for a number of reasons which could be a team wants: to improve the way it works together or is perceived; to be supported during a period of change; build on success when they want to achieve more; to improve the output they get from their meetings or to work on deeper relationship issues. Issues we tend to help them with are usually about either ‘what they do’ or ‘how they do it’.

We work in a variety of ways depending on the client’s needs and challenges. We can facilitate their regular business meetings; a dedicated off-site meeting/session or planned sessions in the office. Sometimes working with the team can lead to individuals wanting help with their own development or issues, either connected to the team or their work generally, which we tend to do through coaching.