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Groups and Teams Case Study

Management team of a European Marketing Company

"absolute has a unique ability to help us to gain real insight into our teamís strengths and limitations, and to want to do something about them. And we did! The work was inspirational, with a profound understanding of the way people, think, feel and behave. We truly learned, are tangibly more effective in the business and will be able to take what we learned to other teams in the future."    Managing Director, European Marketing Company

Business Issue

How to develop a commercial leadership team to be the most highly performing team, and most highly regarded in its industry.


  • One to one interviews to assess the team climate
  • Site visits to observe the team and the organisation
  • Facilitated leadership meetings to develop the relationships with the team, and self and team awareness
  • One to one coaching to support individuals in their own development and to reflect on and work through their relationships with the team
  • Review of team progress
  • Facilitated workshops and meetings
  • Feedback using psychometrics (eg MBTI, FiroB) and skilled observation
  • Individual coaching sessions

The group had feedback from the organisation that it is perceived as working together as a successful team. Individuals are now able to handle difficult conversations with each other and with others outside of the team. Things in the team happen more quickly and effectively. They have been resilient during a period of intense change. We are waiting to see if team members get headhunted!