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Individuals Case Study

Director of a Global Investment Bank

"By working with absolute I understood what ‘choice’ was. I had forgotten that I had a choice. My relationship with key people improved and my team achieved increased rankings."    Director, Global Investment Bank

Business Issue

How to coach an individual who was moving into a team leadership role for the first time and needed to develop appropriate skills and relationships.

  • Understand the individuals needs and set goals for coaching which are agreed by line manager
  • Establishing a relationship with the coachee, understanding their role, challenges, long-term outcomes, strengths and development needs
  • Raising awareness of self including values, personality type, learning style
  • Raising field awareness, including feedback from leader, peers and subordinates, confronting impact of behaviour on others and performance
  • Decide short and long-term goals based on increased self/field awareness
  • Developing options to achieve goals, creating convergence between values and beliefs and current reality, agreeing priorities
  • Taking responsibility for specific actions, measures, timescales and commitment. Agreeing how learning will be used beyond coaching
Approach One to one sessions using various psychological, behavioural and business models.


Individual gained his targeted promotion and the team performance and morale was measurably improved.