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"I had a clear vision, I am good at that, and had plenty of experience of implementing change. But this time I really wanted the softer issues of culture and particularly buy-in to be top class. Working with absolute gave me the support I needed at an individual level, for my team and for the whole organisation. We achieved our vision – we are in Europe and most of us are still on board!"    CEO, Data Measurement Business

Our clients ask us to work with them on organisational issues, usually when they are undergoing or thinking about a change in direction, or need to tackle a major issue. This can be a new vision, a new product, a relocation, or a change to the relationship with clients (internal or external). Our approach is to work with the leaders involved in the change, helping them to understand it and manage through the implications and implementation of the change they desire – so that the organisation is engaged and mobilised by the change. Sometimes they even want help in identifying what the actual change will be.

We tend to work with leaders to encourage them to bring their creativity to the issue and create a way of managing the change which is their own. We can help them to define ‘what its like to get things done here’, their culture; how resources will be used, their organisation design and HR effectiveness; how they will manage the change; how they will communicate and what change management is. We can also help them with some of the implementation issues that arise for people in the business like selection/redundancy/reward.

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