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Who We Are

absolute is organised in a way to suit our client’s needs and demands:
  • A team of consultants with diverse skills experience and profiles. All are masters at their work and believe in delivering exceptional quality for clients and constantly improving their capability
  • Our partners who have skills varying from consultancy to administration we turn to if needs arise that require other capability
  • Our advisors who challenge us so that we can keep abreast of things

Leadership Profiles:

Margot Corbin – Managing Director

Responsible for managing absolute’s success and for overseeing client relationships. She works with clients at an organisational, team and individual level and is particularly interested in helping employees engage, and so increase performance through effective relationships and leadership.

Her business experience is international and includes 14 years corporate experience, and nearly 10 years consulting experience, in the field of organisational change and transformation, with a significant focus on leadership development. She has psychological training, an MSc in Change focussed on leadership; she is an accredited facilitator, coach and a speaker.